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Recently i made a very simple gift for someone close to my heart, and i was happy with what i made that i would like to share it out with others. It is a gift called ‘Glowing Stars with Gel Bubbles’, it is really easy to do and it gives amazing outcome. Here is how i did it.

1. The Glowing Stars
You can purchase this stars anyway, especially in gift shops. What it does is glow when it is totally dark after absorbing some light source.

2. 7 Colored Gel Bubbles
This gel bubbles are really common to get nowadays, most of the time it is used to put in plants. Try to get the gel bubbles which is a mixture of 7-colors. It is called Rainbow Gel Bubbles.

3. After Soaked In Water
This is how the gel bubbles will look like after soaked in water for at least 2 hours. I did not like the white color bubble as it was not transparent. So i removed them manually as much as i could.

4. Mix Up Both Glowing Stars and Gel Bubbles Into a Bottle
Now the final step, just mix up the glowing stars and gel bubbles in a bottle or container as you wish. In this example i have used a mineral water bottle. A transparent glass bottle or vase would be a better choice.

5. The Glowing Gel Outcome
Here is how the gift would look like, picture is not very clear as it was taken in total darkness without flash.

Trust me the effect of the gift looks really nice when you look at it. Try it out and i am sure the receiving end would be really impressed. Try to modify the idea and concept to suit your needs 🙂

Posted at 9:47 am on June 7th, 2009 in Blogging with 2,981 views

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  • bytes

    creativenye!!hehe…but botol x lawa laa!

  • that is a really cute idea!

  • @bytes – at the time of making this example couldn’t find a better bottle :p what to do .. hehehe

    @angela – thanks alot, do try it out 🙂

  • Jeevajoko

    this bottle have to shake ah after put stars?

  • No need to shake all, just stare at it enough :p

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